Navigating Aged Care in Australia

Introduction to Aged Care

Aged care in Australia is designed to ensure that every Australian can contribute to, participate in and benefit from the community. It provides support to older people to help them with everyday activities. This blog post will guide you through the process of navigating aged care in Australia.

Types of Aged Care Services

There are several types of aged care services available in Australia, including residential care, home care, flexible care, and short-term restorative care. Each type of care is designed to cater to different levels of care needs.

How to Access Services

Accessing aged care services involves several steps. First, you need to apply for an assessment through My Aged Care. Once your needs are assessed, you can find a service provider that suits your needs and preferences. After that, you can work out the costs and finally, start receiving services.

Costs and Funding

The cost of aged care services can vary depending on the type of care and the provider. However, the Australian government provides subsidies to keep the costs affordable. It’s important to understand the costs involved and the financial assistance available before choosing a service.


Navigating aged care in Australia can be complex, but with the right information and support, you can find the services that best meet your needs. For more information, you can visit the My Aged Care website or contact a My Aged Care contact center.

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